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A person who is named "Wammy's House Reject" wrote this.
I just want to make advertising for it, because I think the text is really awesome.…

Light Yagami - Sociopath?

"Light Yagami- ah, how we love to hate him. We don't hesitate to call him a sociopath, a man with no conscience- however, perhaps we judge him too quickly. It is indeed quite possible that Light may indeed be a case of Antisocial Personality Disorder; after all, he has nearly all the traits of a textbook sociopath. However, I would like to postulate that Light is not actually without conscience- rather, simply immature and childish. [ ....]

Light is one of those people who seems to have it all- good looks, a charming personality, a kind, loving family, and, above all, an exceptionally brilliant mind. However, he is not all that he first appears to be. He is bored out of his mind, and extremely disgusted with the decay of the world around him. This seems to be a common trait among gifted children:  they notice the troubles of the world long before our peers- not to mention the fact that genius children more often than not face higher expectations from their parents than their less gifted siblings.
There is also a condition known as Developmental Asymmetry, which could do a lot to explain Light's more childish tendencies. Simply put, when a person has an especially high IQ, other aspects of their development are often compromised- namely emotional maturity or physical capability. Light is not shown to be lacking in physical prowess (he proves to be a master at tennis), and yet on more than one occasion he throws temper tantrums over trivial setbacks to his plans- L revealing his identity, the Lind L. Taylor incident, etc. L himself describes Light as being 'childish and hates to lose.
He may also have a condition known as Dabrowski's Overexcitabilities. I won't go too far into it, but it is characterized by a precocious child or teenager is overexcited rather easily- this can range from violent temper tantrums to just hating the seams in socks (which may explain L's dislike of shoes/socks in general.)
Light has a stubbornness about him that immediately made me think of a small child refusing to go to bed. His overly simplistic view of justice also made him seem immature, rather like a bratty , spoiled child. Also, throughout most of the series, his eyes retain a look of naivete, despite all the horrible things he does during the series.He uses the Death Note to absolve himself of responsibility- in his mind, he merely moved the pen and passed his judgment as God. I believe that if Light had to kill the criminals in person, with his own two hands, his innocent idealism would have crushed him far earlier on.

I would also like to propose that Light may actually have been suffering from clinical depression. It may be a long shot, but hear me out:
Depression is characterized by a few distinct things:
1) Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed
2) withdrawal from friends or family members
3) Extreme boredom
4) Lacking a sense of direction or purpose in life
Light is shown to have had all these symptoms at one time or another. He is mentioned to have quit tennis without any real explanation- he simply lost interest. He seems distant from family, and, despite being quite popular, doesn't seem to have any real friends."

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